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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying on Gift Trader

  • How do I become a Gift Trader?

Buyers must have registered and visited a NZ Gift & Homeware Fair within the last 18 months.
To register for the Gift Fairs go to

  • Is Gift Trader available for those retailers who do not attend NZ Gift Fairs?

Gift Trader is available for 6 months prior to attending your first Gift Fair. As Gift Trader is a trade only platform, business ID verification is required.

If you do not attend a Gift Fair within the 6 month period, your access to Gift Trader will be removed. 

If you are genuine retail buyer who would like to attend the Gift Fairs and trade on Gift Trader please register online - it's free.

  • I am unsure of my login details

Your username and password for Gift Trader are the same as your visitor registration login details.

If you have lost your password and need it to be resent please use our 'lost password' function.

Your username and password will be resent to the email address you entered for your visitor registration.

  • The contact details for my registration have changed

If your contact information has changed since the last time you attended the Fair (i.e. your contact address, email address, phone number) please click on 'My Account' which is found under 'Buying' .

  • How do I track my previous orders

You can view previous orders that you have made by clicking on 'My Orders' which can be found under 'Buying'.

You will find the most recent order that you have placed at the top.

  • What do wholesaler minimum order values mean?

When purchasing through Gift Trader, and its various online Gift Fairs, you will be notified of the minimum order value of each wholesaler, through either:

(a tick) identifying that the wholesaler's minimum order value has been met
(?) identifying that the wholesaler's minimum order value has not been met, and their product order may be cancelled.

To make this as simple as possible, you will be presented with a link to view additional items from any wholesaler whose minimum value is not met.
You can still put your order through if below the wholesaler's minimum order value, and both parties (wholesale buyer and seller) will be provided with order details, and email contact information.

  • Do prices include GST?

As Gift Trader is a business to business website, all prices are GST EXCLUSIVE. Please factor in an additional 15% to account for GST.

Spring 2022

28 - 30 August 2022
Auckland Showgrounds

Autumn Gift Fair 2023

05 - 07 March 2023

Winter Gift Fair 2023

11 - 12 June 2023