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Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on Gift Trader

  • How do I become a Gift Trader?

Any NZ Gift and Homeware exhibitor has Gift Trader available at $175 +GST added to their package.

If you are not already an existing NZ Gift and Homeware exhibitor, please register your interest at

If you are currently exhibiting at NZ Home and Giftware fairs, please contact, who will setup access to Gift Trader.

  • Do I need software to upload the photo I want to display


All you need is a working pc or mac computer, and broadband internet connection.

Gift Trader has several tools available for uploading images, and has been tested to work across the main internet browsers.

Please ensure you read all onscreen instructions to upload images, and keep image file sizes under 1MB


  • I don't know what my username and password are

If you have forgotten your username and password, please enter your email address at Your login details will automatically be sent through. If you are still having trouble, please email Jeff Edbrooke to have your login details re-issued.

  • How do I track orders that have been placed on my stock?

You can track orders by going to 'Order Details' which you will find under 'Selling'.

You can search/filter in various different ways by using the drop down box at the top or by clicking on the headings that are highlighted in red; i.e. Date, Product Name, Quantity, Total and Status.

  • I need to cancel an order line

By going to 'Order Details' which is found under the 'Selling' heading you will be able to view/edit orders that have been made on your products.

If you need to cancel an order click on the rubbish bin icon. This will cancel the order and send an automatic confirmation email to the buyer telling them you have cancelled their order.

  • How many stock items can I load?

Under the basic package you have a limit of 25 lines that you can load on to Gift Trader at any one time. If you have more than 25 lines that you would like to display you can upgrade your listing package under the "Maintain account details" screen of Gift Trader

  • I have taken an order over the phone and need to update the amount of product I have left for one of my lines

You can change the quantity left a line under 'Stock List'. By clicking on 'edit' for the relevant item you will be able to change the amount left by increasing the amount of units that have been sold.

Please note you cannnot change the Total Available amount.

  • How do I set a minimum order value?

As a Gift Trader wholesaler, you are able to specify a "minimum order value" for Gift Trader transactions.

Through this setting, buyers will be notified of your "minimum order value", and prompted to order more of your products until this value is met.

If this "minimum order value" is not met, the buyer will be notified that their order may be rejected, and will be provided with your email contact details to confirm any additional order requirements.

Eg. if you have a "minimum order value" of $50, buyers will be prompted to order more of your products until this "minimum order value" has been met. This may be from one product, or your total product range.

To edit your “minimum order value”, simply login to Gift Trader at and update the value.

A default value of $0 (zero) is present, until you update this setting.

Your minimum order value is at your complete discretion, but must be in whole dollars.
No decimal points are allowed.

Note: This "minimum order value" setting will not stop transactions going through, but instead notify both you, and the buyer, that your specified minimum order value has not been met, and the transaction may be cancelled at your discretion

  • How frequently should I update my listings?

The more, the better.
We recommend updating your listings at least every second week, to keep your product range visible

Winter Gift Fair 2022

12 - 13 June 2022
Air Force Museum of NZ

Spring 2022

28 - 30 August 2022
Auckland Showgrounds

Autumn Gift Fair 2023

05 - 07 March 2023